Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stupid Cycle

Tension! A word that often heard when exam is around the corner. I don't know why,but seriously speaking, I'm not tension at all even a bit for my final exam. Even my final exam schedule was already announced by HEA but 'my heart does not vibration'. LOL (phrase that I copy from a guy who are taking MUET same date with me recently). When I remember again that phrase, I must be rolling laugh on the floor. The truly word he want to say is nervous but 'my heart does not vibration' was out. Haha.

Ok, yesterday, suddenly I got a migrain. Maybe because I AM TENSION. For this time, yes, I'm tension because of my assignment, mid term exam and my quizzes. Those make my head like to burst. Almost everyday I need to read my books, doing revision and find informations for my assignment. Huh, basic routine as a student. What the fish!

Now, I'm waiting for 19.1.2012. MY LAST PAPER FOR MY FINAL EXAM! Huhu. I can sleep all the day and hibernate in my room alone, watch television as my like, online 24 hours without any interference, eat anything that have at kitchen and go out with my friends everyday.

Hmm, watching movies or facebooking are the famous way to release tension, right? Yup, that's why the internet access in my student residential hall is very slow. Because of almost students here are tension n they are releasing their tension in that way. Can u imagine, how much time they are waste in a day? But sometimes I even do the same thing :D

But, have u think deeply the benefits of doing that all your life? Let say u're now 25 years old and already graduated from university in professional course. Assume that u're matured and can think like adults when u're 15 years old. So in that 10 years balance u life, can u count how many your contribution that already have contribute to ummah or community?

Actually I'm a bit lazy to update my blog tonight. So can u think by youself on how the best way to release ur tension? Then we will discuss the answer in the next class. Haha. (my lecturer style when the lecture is going to finish).

* Dont ever put yourself in a stupid cycle that always doing the same thing over and over until ur last breath. But try to find way to go out from this cycle. Later u will know the real meaning of life and u will be more strong. The key is TARBIYYAH and the way is starting with USRAH. I love usrah n I love this soul :)

p/s : to view this cartoon clearly, go to right click and choose open in a new tab ;D

Regard :)

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